About This Blog

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Welcome to my blog! I am so glad you found me.  Here you can find lots of information about child development, parenting, educating and learning!  The main focus of this blog is on the social and emotional development of children and families.

What this blog is NOT?

This is not a blog telling you how to parent or educate.  This is not a blog that will shame you for your choices or your lifestyle.  This is not a blog that will pronounce one best way to parent or educate.  This is not a blog promoting one style of parenting or educating.  This is not an “I know best” blog!

So what is this blog then?

This is a blog that will provide you with information that may help support you as a parent, educator, nanny, grandparent, or any other person spending time with children! This is a blog that can support you in your journey.  This is a blog that can support you in making meaningful connections with the children in your life. This is a blog that will provide you with tools and tips on creating positive interactions and healthy relationships with children.  This is a blog created to support YOU!

What about you?

So you have read a post, now what?  Think about how it connects with you.  Does it make sense to you?  Do you feel it would or wouldn’t work for you?  Are you willing to try some of the suggestions?
This blog is here to get you thinking, get you feeling, get you connecting!  Maybe one post will connect with you, maybe the next won’t. The key is to read each post with an open mind, a critical mind, ask yourself questions, ask questions of others, think about how this could work for you and your family or in your educational practice. Try it out! Take the information you connect with and put it into practice.  What happens? What worked? What didn’t?  We are all on a learning journey, every single one of us.  Learning never stops!  Don’t beat yourself up over a mistake, don’t despair if something doesn’t work the first time around.  Keep trying, notice the little things, the small changes, the baby steps, the little bits of progress.  Notice the magic little moments that make up childhood and learn and grow with them.