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What a baby REALLY needs to thrive (and how simple it actually is)

I'm sure you don't go a day without hearing about the latest and best way to stimulate your baby, make them smart and turn them into baby Einsteins! From specialty classes to toys, gadgets and more, we are constantly being bombarded with information and "expert" advice on the latest and best way to help your… Continue reading What a baby REALLY needs to thrive (and how simple it actually is)

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The “Terrible Twos” – Strategies for Supporting our Toddlers Through Tough Times

Being a two year old (or almost two year old!), is hard! Being a parent of a two year old is hard! When both parties are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and in need of some sort of control, the struggle becomes even more challenging


The Case for Quiet Time – How Sensory Overload Causes Stress in Babies

Babies will give us many cues and signals that they are beginning to feel overwhelmed, when we notice these cues and respond appropriately, we can help the baby before their distress becomes so great that they begin to scream or cry.  

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How Observing our Babies Can Help Build A Trusting Relationship

When we take time to intentionally observe babies, we begin to learn their true needs, desires and wants. We develop a deeper understanding of who this little person is, and in turn, develop a healthy and respectful relationship with them.