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The Longest Month – Keeping My Chin up During the Last Month of Pregnancy

"So although I have been in the "latent phase" of labour now for over a week, and I am achy, tired and emotional, these techniques do really help!  They help bring some calmness to my day, some serenity to my mind, and grant me a bit more patience to continue on."

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6 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Positive Behaviour

Guest post by Miss J - The Child Whisperer - learn more about Miss J HERE It's easy to get caught in a cycle of telling our children what to do and how to behave.  It's how many of us were raised by our own parents. But there are ways we can involve our child… Continue reading 6 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Positive Behaviour

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The “Terrible Twos” – Strategies for Supporting our Toddlers Through Tough Times

Being a two year old (or almost two year old!), is hard! Being a parent of a two year old is hard! When both parties are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and in need of some sort of control, the struggle becomes even more challenging

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10 Reasons I am Grateful to be a Teacher

Guest Post by Rachel Weinstock 1) Love. I once heard at an education conference “There are not many jobs in the world that you get told “I love you", yet as a teacher this is one of the many blessings of our job! Children are so authentic and share how they feel which is a… Continue reading 10 Reasons I am Grateful to be a Teacher

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Effective Communication with Babies in Your Care

As educators many of us are aware of the importance of language development in the early years.  Yet communicating with infants provides them with much more than just language development; it is a huge part of their social and emotional development as well.  Effective communication with babies helps you to create a caring bond with them, ensuring they feel more happy, confident and respected when in your care.