Workshops and Consultancy
for Families and Educators




Learning is a journey that never ends!  I love working with educators and families and helping them continue their learning journey.

My workshops and consultancy focus on the social and emotional development of infants, toddlers and children.  I am here to help you develop positive, healthy and respectful relationships with the children in your care.  Whether you are an early years setting, a family/parent looking for support, or anyone else looking to develop their knowledge and understanding of the social and emotional development of young children.

Below are just  a sample of the topics I cover.

  • Communicating with infants and toddlers
  • Meaningful observations
  • Turning every day care tasks into magical experiences
  • Respecting a child’s learning journey
  • Over and under stimulation
  • The importance of touch
  • Risk taking
  • Helping children build healthy relationships
  • Early childhood music
  • Yoga for children
  • Personal boundaries and consent

I can work with you to meet the needs of your team or your family.  Drop me a line and we can work it out together!

I am available for workshops and consultancy in the area of West Sussex, England and as far east as Brighton and as far west as Southampton.  Longer distances may be possible, however cost will increase.

Fees vary, depending on length and group size.

The joy of circle time

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